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private sessions

Private sessions are not only convenient, but also allow for a personalized approach

Receive personalized instruction and guidance to accommodate an injury, develop a home routine, or deepen your practice.

We provide Individual Yoga Sessions at your home or a local betwin Lisbon and Cascais. These personalized sessions are the perfect way to advance your practice and accommodate your unique limitations and injuries. Beginning and seasoned practitioners will benefit from one-on-one inspiration and refinement.

Also appropriate for friends or partners wanting to grow their practice together.

benefits of yoga individual sessions

One-on-one sessions allow for individual attention and refinement

  • Recommended for any student level

  • Opportunity to further your knowledge of yoga beyond the practice

  • Learn more about alignment and anatomy

  • Can meet with a group of friends or co-workers for a personal experience or special occasion

  • You can explore the sequence and practice at a slower pace

  • You can explore the system more in-depth regarding not only the physical practice but also the theory behind the intention of this practice.

  • Want to explore practices other than Prana Vashya with a personalized approach - maybe you want to focus on a specific part of your body, or want to combine a physical practice with a pranayama practice etc.  

  • Our Instructors coaching if you're feeling a little lost in some area of your life and need someone to talk to, to motivate, guide and coach you.   

  • 60 minute session

  • Design a practice around an intention

  • Customized plan to accomplish your goals

  • Detailed, alignment-based instruction specific for your body

  • Opportunity to ask questions not covered in group classes


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