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What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical and mental activity that aims at the union of body and mind, promoting the integral balance of the person at all levels. Through certain exercises and body positions associated with breathing - which is called postures - yoga promotes relaxation, balance and awareness. The word yoga has several meanings: controlling, uniting, concentrating.

yoga benefits

Some yoga enthusiasts claim that this activity helps them to organize their minds, namely to set priorities and better control their emotions. But according to various studies, yoga practice contributes to well-being at all levels. A doctoral dissertation at Harvard, for which dozens of clinical trials were conducted to prove the effects of this practice, showed that yoga contributes to balancing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as helping to reduce obesity. The thesis has been accepted by the scientific community and over the past 15 years, over 200 studies have been published on the benefits of yoga that prove its importance in preventing and curing respiratory and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and problems. spine, among others, in addition to the relief of pain in general.

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